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Sun Jun 9 19:55:28 EDT 2002

--- Caleb Woodbridge <scwoody423 at yahoo.com> wrote:

  To some, LOTR is
> such
> a core
> > work--practically fantasy canon--that nothing can
> be
> allowed to compete
> > or claim equivalent stature. 
> (I read a book recently, "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"
> by
> Paul Magrs, that had a
> Tolkien spoof in it. In it, "The True History of
> Planets" by Professor
> Reginald Tyler of the Smudglings is rewritten to
> include pink talking
> poodles under the influence of a time travelling
> Noel
> Coward with pinking
> shears which cut holes through the Very Fabric of
> Time
> and Space. The author
> indicated in an interview that LoTR would be greatly
> improved with pink
> poodles!)
> Caleb W.
I have great fondness for Harvard Lampoon's "Bored of
the rings" Although I do regard LOTR as canonical, and
hated "Sword of Shanarra" as a cheap copy (I loved Lin
Carter's description of it as "a war crime of a
novel") I also think that anything that is worth
taking seriously also deserves to have fun poked at
it. In our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns we used to
regard both books as equally valid, which created some
very interesting situations. As for pink
poodles.....hmmmm... perhaps

Jon Noble

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