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Sat Jun 8 20:15:53 EDT 2002

I'm mostly a lurker, so you may not recognize me, but at least I'm a long-time

> Name: Jennifer Forsyth
> Occupation: Just finished my Ph.D. in English literature (Renaissance
> drama), so I guess that means I'm technically an unemployed teacher right
> now
> Personal Stuff: 33 y.o., married (he has reservations about DWJ), 1 boy, 2
> years old next week
> I live in: Portland, Oregon
> How I discovered the list: Somebody on the Signal to Noise listserv
> mentioned it was starting and I leapt on it like a dog on a dropped cookie
> Favorite DWJ novel: Tough one! I have a soft spot for Magicians of Caprona,
> but Archer's Goon and Ogre Downstairs and Black Maria and the Chrestomanci
> books and Fire and Hemlock and A Sudden Wild Magic and Deep Secret are also
> leading contenders, and I was struck by Everard's Ride, but since I've only
> actually gotten my hands on that one once, I don't remember it as well.
> First DWJ novel: Umm...possibly very similar to the order in which I listed
> the books above, with a few omissions, which might suggest to some that I
> like every DWJ book I come across.
> Favorite authors: Pamela Dean, Steven Brust, James Blaylock, the older Tim
> Powers books, Connie Willis (except her co-authored books and Passage),
> Dorothy Sayers, Terry Pratchett, Barry Hughart, lots of the classics
> (Austen, Bronte, Dickens, etc.), John Fletcher.
> Reading right now: An old Elizabeth Peters novel I hadn't read before, The
> Consciousness Plague, and the Europa Universalis 2 rules.
> Number of books owned: about twice as many as I have bookcases for
> Hobbies outside of reading: running (slowly) and/or triathlon training
> (ditto), playing computer strategy games, reading cooking magazines,
> quilting.

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