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Sat Jun 8 13:29:01 EDT 2002

---Original Message From: Caleb Woodbridge
> I borrowed it from the library and began to read it,
> but didn't carry on. I
> read an interview with Lawrence Miles a bit ago, and
> he was saying how he
> didn't like the way so many films and things make the
> fantastic ordinary.
> For example, in Toy Story, toys come alive! And
> they... hold bureaucratic
> meetings and discuss Plastic Corrosion Awareness. The
> same kind of thing
> with Monsters Inc. While those films are fun, it does
> suck out the wonder
> from it. That's probably what I didn't like about
> Artemis Fowl. Big business
> and bureaucracy in fairyland.

How funny!  That's what I find enjoyable.  I like the disconnect.  It
gives me a new perspective on those mundane activities--causes a
re-evaluation that I enjoy.  The incongruity brings a smile and the
absurdity can bring new insight.  I never even thought of it making the
movie more mundane.

Jacob Proffitt

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