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> > Ha! At last! I attempted to recommend Mortal
engines to the list at
> > twice a while ago and there was resounding silence
in reply. (it was a
> > ago)
> > Anyway, I just wanted to agree that it was
brilliant, and after the
> > ending of HDM I could quite happily cope with the
conclusion of ME.
> I'm in the middle of this book in Waterstones at the
mo. Can't afford
> the ?20, so I'm sneaking in to read a chunk at a
time until they
> kick me out. The premiss is mind-blowing (predatory
cities) and the
> execution reminds me of Joan Aiken and HDM crossed.
> cinematic style (I know that's the other thread, but
it's worth
> mentioning that some books are more like screenplays
> others, so translation is smoother; this would be a
good example).
> Recommendation completely seconded. But I haven't
got to the
> end yet, so no spoilers please!

I've got this on my to-read list. I saw a copy in
Hay-on-Wye, cheaper price
but still quite a bit, especially with all the cheaper
books around. It
sounds good. Predatory cities? Hmm. I've got this idea
for living cities for
one of my stories, so I hope it's not another idea to
be put in the "Been
Done" list. Sometimes, though, I find a book with an
idea I like and it's
very nice to have the book to read rather than writing
it yourself, if you
follow me.

Caleb W.

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