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> Has anyone else read Artemis Fowl and what did they
think?  I was reminded
> of it yesterday as I was in Waterstones and the next
book in the series is
> everywhere.

I borrowed it from the library and began to read it,
but didn't carry on. I
read an interview with Lawrence Miles a bit ago, and
he was saying how he
didn't like the way so many films and things make the
fantastic ordinary.
For example, in Toy Story, toys come alive! And
they... hold bureaucratic
meetings and discuss Plastic Corrosion Awareness. The
same kind of thing
with Monsters Inc. While those films are fun, it does
suck out the wonder
from it. That's probably what I didn't like about
Artemis Fowl. Big business
and bureaucracy in fairyland.

Caleb W.

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