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> Again, it's not as good in all the same ways.  But
it *is* as good as a
> film as the book is as a book.  I catch flack from
some people when I
> say things like that, though.  To some, LOTR is such
a core
> work--practically fantasy canon--that nothing can be
allowed to compete
> or claim equivalent stature.  To me, though, that's
too much privilege
> granted to LOTR.  It's good, it's even great, but
other works are on the
> same level.  I just don't buy that nothing new can
rival foundational
> works of greatness.

What I liked about the LoTR film was that it took the
book and picked up on
all the good cinematic things. It played the story to
cinema's strengths
while keeping the feel and essence of the book. There
are things like
Galadriel's scary "Dark Lady" bit that I'd forgotten
from the book. All the
words are there, but the film makes it exciting and
dramatic. There weren't
many points where the "cinematicization" seemed silly
or overdone. The film
is much more accessible than the book, and from what
I've heard not a few
people have been put off by the "Hobbit's rambling
trip" start to the quest.
Only 5 months 5 days until the Special Extended
Edition DVD is released
(*bounce up and down with excitement, dribble,

(I read a book recently, "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" by
Paul Magrs, that had a
Tolkien spoof in it. In it, "The True History of
Planets" by Professor
Reginald Tyler of the Smudglings is rewritten to
include pink talking
poodles under the influence of a time travelling Noel
Coward with pinking
shears which cut holes through the Very Fabric of Time
and Space. The author
indicated in an interview that LoTR would be greatly
improved with pink

Caleb W.

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