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Sat Jun 8 06:02:47 EDT 2002

Good idea this.

Name: Caleb Woodbridge

Occupation: At school doing my GCSEs, although I'll
finish in two weeks or so - yay! I hope to a
professional writer.

Age: 16. Still young :)

Married: No.

Children: Guess.

I live in: North Wales. Which is all very nice, but
it's in the back of beyond and I'd be rather stuck for
books were it not for the library, where I keep the
librarians from getting bored! Seeing films is also a
drag - either travel 50 miles to Wrexham to the
nearest (I think) multiplex cinema or wait a few
months for films to reach the small and often rather
seedy local cinemas.

 How I discovered the list: I searched the web for DWJ
sites, and found this. I tried subscribing on my
Hotmail address (which I have since given up on).
Nothing happened, and I forgot about it for a while
and then subscribed on another address, around
Christmas time , and it worked.

 Favourite DWJ novel: Very tricky. I'm particularly
fond of The Crown of Dalemark, Archer's Goon made me
laugh the most, Hexwood is good, Fire and Hemlock is
impressive. Hmm...

First DWJ novel: Hexwood, although I might have read
"Dragon Reserve, Home Eight" (is that the right
title?) first.

 Favourite authors: Terry Pratchett, CS Lewis, Philip
Pullman (although I disagree strongly with him), Lance
Parkin, Jostein Gaarder... I'm in an exploring period
in my reading at the moment, so there are some that
are looking promising but it's a bit early to tell
whether I really like them. I've been reading The
Sandman by Neil Gaiman recently, and I'm still trying
to work out what to make of them!

Number of books owned: I have one main bookshelf where
my most recent and favourite books stay. It's groaning
under the weight of the books stuffed on it, and
occasionally I weed out those I'm not so keen on, and
they get put elsewhere. There were between 250 and 300
when I last counted on that bookshelf.

Other hobbies: Cycling, writing, films, listening to
audio dramas.

What I'm reading now: The books I bought at
Hay-on-Wye. Several on the go at once,  Evolution by
John Peel (no, not the DJ), Legacy by Gary Russell
(which is an odd mix of sci-fi and fantasy, since it
feels like a fantasy - citadels and princesses and
monsters and stuff, but has the place trying to enter
this Galactic Federation type thing), Sky Pirates! by
Dave Stone and The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by
Bryan Jacques (signed by him). I've just finished my
first reading of The Dark Lord of Derkholm.

Caleb W.

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