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Sat Jun 8 05:51:52 EDT 2002

Called: Kale 

Live in: Los Angeles, USA

Discovered the list via Chrestomanci Castle & google
search.  Spent much time reading archives before
actually subscribing.

Favorite (and most reread) DWJ novel: Fire and
Hemlock, Howl's Moving Castle, Deep Secret. 

First DWJ: I got Eight Days of Luke and Fire and
Hemlock through a library sale.  I'm unsure which I
read first, though I suspect Fire and Hemlock, which
intrigued me with its flamy-woman-on-a-horse cover and
a girl with the double memories and a Fire and Hemlock
photograph.  I don't think I thought of DWJ as an
author-to-look-out-for until I started checking out
her books at the library.  It was probably Howl's
Moving Castle that started things, and Deep Secret
that got me into DWJ fandom online.

Current favorite authors/series/books:  Lois McMaster
Bujold, J.D. Robb, Neil Gaiman, Gordon R. Dickson,
Terry Pratchett, Cheryl J. Franklin, Roberta Gellis'
Greek myth series, Helene Hanff's "84, Charing Cross
Road", Steve Miller and Sharon Lee's Liaden books, the
Lucifer comic book series (Mike Carey/DC Vertigo),
Katherine Kurtz's Adept series, Hy Bender's "The
Sandman Companion", Barry Hughart's "Bridge of the
Birds", M.M. Kaye's "The Ordinary Princess", David R.
Palmer's "Emergence", Jack Seward's "Japanese in

Number of books owned: Lots.  My parents say, "Too
much."  I usually borrow the new books from the
library, though.

Recent re/reads: Diplomatic Immunity, Cordelia's
Honor, Mirror Dance (Bujold); The Sun, the Moon, and
the Stars (Brust); Mairelon the Magician, Magician's
Ward (Wrede); Year of the Griffin, Dark Lord of
Derkholm, Eight Days of Luke (DWJ); Tam Lin (Dean);
Pilot's Choice omnibus (Miller & Lee); Sympathy for
the Devil (Lisle); Daddy-Long-Legs (Webster)

Other activities: reading blogs, blogging, cooking,
gardening, chauffeuring family members, trying to read
Japanese comic books in Japanese.

(who has been borrowing huge stacks of library books)

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