christian nutt ferricide at
Sat Jun 8 03:50:34 EDT 2002

>From: HSchinske at
>Favorite musician/group: I don't spend *nearly* enough time listening to
>music any more. Chosen music, that is, as opposed to just turning on the
>classical station (why in God's name Seattle can't get some decent radio
>stations is beyond me, and would somebody please strangle that fellow who
>keeps saying "Mom" [i.e., Mother Nature] when he means the weather?).

i get the impression the UK's attitude toward radio is rather different 
(mostly from neil gaiman's blog) so you guys forgive this digression please, 
but in the US, radio is a recipe for disaster. bad music played incessantly 
for commercial concerns. the only time i ever listen to the radio is when i 
find a decent college station that's actually having a palatable program at 
the time (which means i listen to the radio about once a year.) the car i 
bought in dec 2000 doesn't have a CD or tape deck in it so i drive in 
silence. i've gotten used to it. =\


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