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christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 8 03:43:25 EDT 2002

Philip said:

>Everyone seems to be adding favourite music to their introduction now, 
>I missed.  Oh well, here goes.

i sort of pioneered this movement by mentioning what i've been listening to 
lately... but i didn't go into depth. now i think i shall, because everyone 
talking about their tastes is really fun (for me, anyway, and i wanna 
contribute!) this list amuses me because i'm used to talking to people who 
are way more homogonized with my demographics (although i still have weird 
music tastes for them.) =) this is the only list/forum/chat where i can talk 
to mothers and professionals.

so i'll lead in by saying to jen: i know all about smashing pumpkins and i 
adore radiohead to bits. even kid A and amnesiac, despite what people have 
to say about them. i think the complainers have a lack of perspective. =) 
i've spent quality time with joy division and i know op ivy and mercury rev 
but they aren't my cup of tea.

as i mentioned in my earlier post one of my favorite musicians is mary 
timony, who is someone nobody knows about which is weird because she's 
really wonderful (but that's how it usually is, isn't it?) she writes weird 
pop-rock fantasy melodies (i can't think of a good way to describe it -- my 
apologies) about stuff like bees and horses and ex-boyfriends.

check out http://www.matadorrecords.com/mary_timony/ for details and an MP3.

lately i've been switching between her latest, they might be giants' "apollo 
18" and david bowie's "heroes" which is a very weird mental soundscape, 
given the disparate nature of these three artists.

other favorites include radiohead, blur, pulp, lush, elastica (first album 
and its b-sides only, thank you), sleater-kinney, pj harvey, and right now 
i'm finally starting the arduous but rewarding trek that's collecting david 

i also enjoy some higher-quality japanese artists (no utada hikaru or 
hamasaki ayumi, please) like bump of chicken, fra-foa (jen take note: it's 
like the dirtier bits of smashing pumpkins being strangled by pj harvey in 
japanese -- hit audiogalaxy or soulseek and see for yourself), makoto 
kawamoto and maaya sakamoto.

the only composer i've ever listened to seriously is stravinsky and really 
it's just the rite of spring, but i bet there's plenty more classical i 
could enjoy if i could just find it.

i really like to listen to soundtracks both because they evoke the 
series/movie they come from and because i love high-quality instrumental 
compositions. lately i've been forced to pick up the ones for donnie darko 
(an excellent, if confused film), strawberry on the shortcake (not to be 
confused with the doll from the 80s, it's a live-action japanese drama about 
a messy high school love triangle -- maybe love pentacle). yoko kanno's work 
from cowboy bebop and escaflowne stands out, and shiro sagisu's evangelion 
score is retro-menacing brilliance.

wow, this is way too long and WAY too off topic, and for that i apologize. 
not only do i like talking about myself, i like talking about my tastes and 
i love talking about things i know about and like. it's a quadruple-whammy. 
anyone who wants to talk music, anime, film -- give me a private shout out 
and we'll chat. i could do another email this big for film and anime 
seperately. (eep!)


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