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WARNING: This is really long.  I will put the more interesting stuff at the 
top, the more list-y stuff at the bottom.  I apologize in advance for 
anyone I left out...And this isn't to cut people off from posting more 
intros. alphabetical order Bettina comes first, Tarja last
Our combined reported ages is 800...average 30.8. Our oldest is 48, the 
youngest is 16
20 females responded, 6 males
9 respondees were married and the list has 16 children between us.
Jobs: The most popular were Librarian and Student (7 each), then Writer(6), 
Mother(4), Teacher and Programmer (3 each),  Editor, Busybody and Nag at 2 
apiece and then Technical Assistant, Student Senator, Spoilsport, 
Grammarian, Homeschooler, Father, Church Group Leader, Blogger, 
Entrepreneur, Assitant Professor, Museum Assitant, thesis doctor, Account 
Manager, Volunteer, Web Designer, Electrical Engineer, Organist, 
Cartographer and Configuration Manger
Our geographical locations: 10 USA, 6 UK, 3 Australia, 2 Ireland, 1 in each 
of Germany, Netherlands, Finland and New Zealand.  2 in cities that I 
didn't know where they were (My geography is terrible...I had California as 
a seperate entity from USA for awhile, and I live in the US)
Favorite DWJ: Fire and Hemlock (12), Deep Secret (9), Howl's Moving Castle 
(7), Hexwood (6), Archer's Goon (5), Spellcoats and Charmed Life (4), Cart 
and Cwidder and Drowned Ammet (3) 2 for the following:  Time of the Ghost, 
Lives of Christopher Chant, Dogsbody, Crown of Dalemark, Year of the 
Griffin and Homeward Bounders and 1 for Sudden Wild Magic, Agnus Flint, 
Tale of Time City, Power of Three and Witch Week
First DWJ: Charmed Life (8), Dogsbody (4), Live of Christopher Chant, Tale 
of Time City, Witch Week & Ogre Downstairs (2), Power of 3, Magicians of 
Caprona, Spellcoats, Cart and Cwidder, Spellcoats and Homeward Bounders (1)
Current/Recent Reads:
American Gods, Neil Gaiman
	     American Chica, MarieArana
	     Eagle, Kaiji Kawaguchi
	     Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
	     Speaking of Sex: The Denial of Gender Inequality, Deborah L. Rhode
	     Nancy Mitford
	     Diplomatic Immunity, Lois McMaster Bujold
	     Little, Big
	     The Interior Life
	     The Pursuit of Love, Nancy Mitford
	     Strangers in Paradise
	     The Novice, Trudi Canavan
	     Cleave, Nicki Gemmell
             The Stone Mage and The Sea, Sean Williams
	     Falcon, Emma Bull
	     Yarrow, Charles de Lint
	     Jack McDevitt
	     The Other Boleyn Girl, Phillipa Gregory
	     Moonheart, Charles de Lint
	     The Drawing of the Dark, Tim Powers
	     The Alpha Box, Annie Dalton
	     The Chronicles of Amber, Roger Zelazney
Favorite Authors (in no order): Barbara Michaels 2, Elizabeth Peters, L.M. 
Montgomery 4, Maud Hart Lovelace, Julie Campbell, Connie Willis 9, Terry 
Pratchett 5, Lois McMaster Bujold 12, Janet Evanovich 2, Steven Burst 2, 
Patricia McKillip 4, Robin McKinley 4, Dorothy Sayers 4, Arthur Ransome, 
Rumer Godden, Sara Patarsky, Joel Rosenburg, Anne Bishop, Laurell K. 
Hamilton, Haruki Murakami, Neil Gaiman 3, Banana Yoshimoto, Louisa May 
Alcott, Helen Cresswell, Orson Scott Card 3, Lloyd Alexander, Dorothy 
Gilman, Dick Francis, Joan Aiken 4, Eleanor Estes, Louise Fitzhugh, Tove 
Jannson, Katherina Kurtz, Patricia C. Wrede 4, J.R.R. Tolkien 2, Jack 
Vance, George Macdonald Fraser, David Brinn, Greg Egan, Sean Macmullen, 
Sally Rogers-Davidson, Elizabeth Maire Pope (Perilous Gard) 4, Margaret 
Mahy 2, Douglas Coupland, Robertson Davies, Georgette Heyer 5, William 
Shakespeare, Chaucer, Jane Austen 5, EF Benson, Nancy Mitford, E. Nesbit, 
William Dalrymple, William Gibson, Phillip Pullman 3, Michael Connelly, 
Barbara Kinsolver, Caroline Stevermer, Alan Dean Foster, Mary Stewart, 
Tanith Lee, Julien May, Charles de Lint 2, Kenneth Lillington, Ursula 
LeGuin, David Almond, Bruce Brooks, Tim Wynne-Jones, Dave Duncan, Ted 
Sturgeon, Thomas Mann, Philip K. Dick, Sean Stewart, P.C. Hodgel, Elizabeth 
Moon, Antonia Forest, Doris Lessing, Philip Jose Farmer, Tamora Pierce, Guy 
Gavariel Kay 2, Sheri Tepper, Garth Nix 2, Sean Williams, Pullien-Thompson, 
George R. Martin, Melissa Scott, Ian Rankin, Jim Crais, China Mieville, 
Diane Duane 2, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Josephine Tey, Margery Allingham, 
Staynes, Storey, Megan Whalen Turner, Cynthia Voigt, Barbara Hambley, 
Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, Tanya Huff, John Wyndham
Hobbies: Hispanic cultures, languages 2, linguistics, music (listening to 
music, or not specified) 5, films 5, video games, anime 2, Horseback Riding 
2, pets 2, gardening, poetry readings, museums, singing 5, dancing (folk, 
Morris, swing) 4, drawing, computer 4, writing 2, yoga, rowing, akido, 
boxing, autocross, track driving, SCUBA diving, translating, baking/cooking 
4, writing music, playing instruments 2, collecting, computers, politics, 
travelling, procrastinating, walking, religious group, TV 2, fan, 
Taekwon-Do, going to performances 2, Role-Playing, Costume Making/sewing, 
tarot reading
Books reported as being owned: 31,860+
Music: Mary TImony, Chicken's Jupiter, October Project, Vasen, Grey Eye 
Glances, Finest Kind, Brass Monkey, Joni Mitchell, Boiled in Lead, Bare 
Necessities, Pulp, Smashing Pumpkins, Joy Division, OPeration Ivy, ...And 
You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Mercury Rev, Radiohead, Zero Point 
Six, Super Furry Animals, U2 2, Peter Grimes, Shostakovich, Wagner, 
Fairport Convention, Men They Couldn't Hang, Oysterband, Bruce Cockburn, 
Aimee Mann, Richard Thompson, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, NMA, Prokofiev 
2, Arnold, Dvorak, Pentangle, Altan, Tannahill Weavers, Sarah McLachlan, 
Loreena mcKennitt, Nickleback, Nina and Frederik, Kate Bush, Sibelius, 
Copland, Bartok, Nielsen, Messiaen, Respighi
How we found the list: Website(4), Google(3), Websurfing/searching (not 
Google, specifically) (5), archives (2), REC.ARTS.BOOKS.CHILDREN (1), 
Recommended by friend/spouse/relative (3)
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