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Fri Jun 7 18:54:30 EDT 2002

Melissa said...
> There's another list I'm on that used to have brief yearly introductions,
> get to know each other and new members.  I think it's a good idea, so I'm
> going to start.  Don't worry about copying my format if you don't like it,
> because I'm not sure what I'm going to say anyway.  (And I know we already
> went through the "favorite DWJ novel" thing so you can ignore that too)

What a good idea!  (I'm playing catchup after being away from my mail since
Monday, btw!)  Here's me...

Name: Dorian Elizabeth Gray (commonly Dorian or Dor.  Female.)

Occupation: Configuration manager in a small computer company.  This means
that I look after documents and bully programmers.

Non-paying occupations: Co-editor at (a spec-fic webzine) and
writer (I keep sending the stories out, but no-one's buying them - yet!)

Hobby-type things: Live-action role-playing with rubber swords, costume
making, reading (duh), e-mail/AIM chatting.

Music:  Easiest to say what I *don't* like - boy bands,
techno/hip-hop/hardcore/etc, most opera.  Pretty much everything else is
probably represented somewhere in my collection.

Age: 32 (33 come August)

Married: not yet.  Probably going to do it in two years; co-habiting in the

Children: no.  Two cats, though - Gandalf and Tazey.

I live in: Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio)

Random skills and abilities:  sewing, writing, research, tarot reading.
Sing a passable alto and can get a half-decent sound out of almost any
musical instrument.  The kind of memory that hangs onto odd random facts
(I'm good at pub quizzes).  Language learning and linguistics.

How I discovered the list: Websurfing.  Found Chrestomanci Castle.  Found it
had an attached mailing list.  Here I am!

Favorite DWJ novel: A tie between "Fire and Hemlock" and "Deep Secret".  Oh,
and "Howl's Moving Castle".  And "The Time of the Ghost".  And "The Year of
the Griffin".  And...

First DWJ novel: "Charmed Life".  When we met DWJ at the conference thingy
last month I told her about how my brother brought it home from the library
and hooked the whole family - she seemed amused.

Proudest DWJ moment: meeting her last month and getting "Deep Secret"
signed.  And owning a copy of "The Skiver's Guide", which seems to be rather

Favorite authors: Besides DWJ?  Terry Pratchett, Connie Willis, Lois
McMaster Bujold, Barbara Hambly, Joan Aiken, Robin McKinley, Mercedes
Lackey, Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, Diane Duane, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman,
Tanya Huff, John Wyndham, L. M. Montgomery, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen...

Number of books owned: I have no idea!  But the last time we moved house,
the books filled 37 boxes (not small ones, which was a mistake).  We have,
of course, bought more in the almost three years since then.  (And our
house-hunting was complicated by the necessity to find a house with a room
we could put the books in.)

Reading now: In the middle of re-reading all my Chalet School books, plus
"Moonheart" by Charles de Lint, "The Drawing of the Dark" by Tim Powers,
"The Alpha Box" by Annie Dalton, and "The Chronicles of Amber" by Roger
Zelazney.  That last is the only one that's not a re-read (too broke to buy
books - arg!).  Recently finished half a dozen Bujolds (thanks to Hallie,
who hooked me, and another friend who lent me more), and "Household Gods" by
Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove.  About to start re-reading "Ash: A Secret
History" by Mary Gentle...and with any luck, Robert will have a few more
Bujolds for me on Sunday!

I seem to have gone on rather, so I'll stop now. :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...


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