Ania theania at
Thu Jun 6 07:51:32 EDT 2002

> i'll bite.

me too.

> name: Anna Zofia Skarzynska, or Ania to just about anyone other than
> occupation: Celticist (writing thesis at the moment). Professional
> age: 38

married: technically, yes (never got round to getting a divorce, but split
up with husband of two years 18 years ago)

Children: One, Stephen, just 15 (so not my husband's, you might have noted)
> i live in Wales (the bit of UK which allegedly would be bigger than
England if it were ironed flat.)
I discovered DWJ in ca. 1987. My friend Gemini (aka Amanda) lent me Time of
the Ghost. Years later she told me about this list.
> my favorite DWJ novels are Deep Secret, Fire and Hemlock and TotG.
I own most of DWJs books, but I must complete my collection soon. All these
lovely reprints in shops... just need money now.
> first DWJ : TotGhost
> favorite authors (besides DWJ): Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, LM
Montgomery, Tove Jansson, Umberto Eco, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Mikhail Bulgakov,
Jaroslav Hasek...
> reading right now: just finished Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders

> other hobbies: computer games, historical linguistics, obscure and useless
languages, words, gardening, partying, industrial archaeology, bbc radio 4,
guardian cryptic crosswords
> playing: Civ 3. Waiting for enough cash to buy Morrowind
> listening to: trance, Dougie MacLean, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson (my son's
influence), Kate Bush and lots of other stuff. (though not all at once)

Number of books owned: many. Seven large bookcases, a couple of smaller
ones, more books scattered around and then there are the comics.


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