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>  >Children: a child of unknown gender is arriving soon: target date 
> 8!

CONGRATULATIONS! You never told me!

My intro follows:

Name: Helen Schinske

Occupation: by training a rare books librarian, currently stay-at-home mom 

Age: 39

Married: yup

Children: three, two almost-eight daughters and an almost-four son

I live in: Seattle

How I discovered the list: not sure. Possibly through Child_Lit or Girlsown, 
possibly via Nat

Favorite DWJ novel: probably _Fire and Hemlock_, though I've been through 
"re-reading constantly" loops with several of her other books (notably _Cart 
and Cwidder_, though that doesn't really count as it was the only one I had 
that was not in storage for a while)

First DWJ novel: _Power of Three_, which I didn't much like (at that time) -- 
don't think I really got hooked until reading _Witch Week_, or maybe _The 
Ogre Downstairs_ (which I'm currently reading to my daughter Sophia)

Favorite authors (besides DWJ): Charlotte Yonge (19th-century author) is the 
one whom I collect most obsessively, Juliana Horatia Ewing (another 19C) 
next. Tolkien and Lewis are "of course" -es. More recent: Robin McKinley, 
Greer Ilene Gilman, John Crowley. 

Number of books owned: at least 120 linear feet (going by counting 
bookshelves and multiplying by three), plus some boxes. I wouldn't be 
surprised if it worked out a good deal higher.

Favorite musician/group: I don't spend *nearly* enough time listening to 
music any more. Chosen music, that is, as opposed to just turning on the 
classical station (why in God's name Seattle can't get some decent radio 
stations is beyond me, and would somebody please strangle that fellow who 
keeps saying "Mom" [i.e., Mother Nature] when he means the weather?).

Non-reading hobbies: book collecting, newsgroups/listservs, the occasional 
knitting project
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