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Fri Jun 7 13:59:40 EDT 2002

Name: Laurie Puszczewicz 

Age: 26, not married, no kids

Occupation: currently?  University instructor (Spanish), tutor, and 
            soon to be advisor during freshman orientation program.
            In August, graduate student in Library and Information 
            Science at Indiana university, wheer I will be teaching
            Spanish for my assistantship.

Hometown:  Sylvania, Ohio (just outside of Toledo, Ohio), which is
            about 45 minutes from Detroit, MI 

Favorite DWJ: Howl's Moving Castle, but Archer's Goon and Charmed
            Life are way up there

First DWJ:  Not sure.  Probably Charmed Life.

Favorite authors besies DWJ:  Barbara Michaels, Elizabeth Peters
            L.M. Montgomery and Maud Hart Lovelace and Julie campbell
            for nostalgia reasons.  Thanks to this list I really enjoy 
            Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett, and Lois McMaster Bujold,
            Janet Evanovich just for fun

What I am reading now:  A nonfiction book called _American Chica_
            by Marie Arana about growing up Peruvian-American

How I joined the list: It must have been from the Chrestomanci Castle
            site, although I don't have a clear memeory of how.

Other interests;  obsessed with most things having to do with 
           Hispanic cultures, Spanish language, music, films, which 
            makes sense I guess given my job.  In a few weeks I 
           am going to Spain for a month so currently reading up 
           on the region I'm going to (Galicia) , the latest films 
           and music there, local fectivals, etc etc

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