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Fri Jun 7 11:51:10 EDT 2002

 > > I generally find that if I really like a book, then
> > the film of the book
> > will disappoint me. My brother says this is because
> > I prefer the medium
> > of books over film, and I think this is probably
> > very true. 
> I think it's more the case that you have developed
> definite views about the story, so an adaptation tends
> to be jarring.

Well, no, I think my explanation is a lot truer for me. Because as a
literary critic I am quite fond of examining other interpretations of a
story, whether I agree with them or not, there's always something I can
appreciate on an intellectual level. Films cannot ever do the things
that I most enjoy about books, and to be honest, I would always much
rather read than watch a film, if you get right down to it.


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