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Fri Jun 7 10:07:20 EDT 2002

On the happy thought that this would become an annual tradition, my 
third mailbox containing list intros has been titled "2002 Intros". 
Unhappily, this is my second go at writing mine - power cut just as I 
was almost finished.  Everyone *else* on my road seems to have been 
watching the match.

Name: Hallie O'Donovan

Occupation: Full-time mum, part-time "mature student" (though many 
days I think the mature part is more tactful than accurate), nag, 
spoilsport, gloomy grammarian, - Hey wait!  This is MY narrative.  :) 
We'll just stick with the first two.

Age: 43 for a few more weeks - and thank you SO much, btw, to all the 
youngsters who've complained about their age!  :)

Married:  Not any more.

Children:  Two, both friends to this list, Becca (nearly about to 
exit quite gracefully from 15-year-old-hood) and Cara, 12.

I live in:  Dublin, Ireland.

How I discovered the list: Searching for a DWJ list, in summer 1999. 
Having discovered the LM Montgomery and Maud Hart Lovelace lists, I 
thought it would be very cool if there were a DWJ one - like Jackie, 
I've also searched for a Joan Aiken list, and more recently, a Connie 
Willis one too.

Favourite DWJ novel:  Fire and Hemlock usually narrowly edges out a 
few others, especially Deep Secret, Howl and Hexwood.

First DWJ novel:  The Lives of Christopher Chant.  Picked it up in 
the library as I was intrigued by the title.  This was only 6 or 7 
years ago, unfortunately.

Favourite other authors:  I'm bad at this too.  My mind goes blank - 
or blanker - too easily.  No particular order: Connie Willis, 
Patricia McKillip, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jane Austen, Joan Aiken (the 
kids ones, as might not be suggested by the  conjunction of the two 
JAs), LM Montgomery, Megan Whalen Turner, Cynthia Voigt, some 
Patricia Wrede, and to squeeze in a couple of one-offers, _The 
Perilous Gard_, The Court & Crown Duet (no, that's not cheating!), 
_Middlemarch_.  The one-offers are safer in a way, as I've realised 
that I can't say I like everything I've read by even one of these 
favourite authors (including DWJ).

Number of books owned:  ???  All I can say for sure is it'd be fewer 
if we hadn't moved so much...

Recently read:  _Falcon_, Emma Bull (thanks to Dorian, my first EB 
and I loved it), and _Yarrow_, CdL, also thanks to Dorian.  This is 
getting weird, as it seems that my perpetual reaction to CdL is 
disappointment, which makes very little sense.  I don't know, maybe 
it's something like having elements which I absolutely love, mixed 
with elements which really get up my nose or something.  Oh, 
actually, I wasn't disappointed at all with _Jack of Kinrowan_. 
Other than that, a few old favourites been reread, and an orgy of 
Lenora Mattingly Weber books.  A friend introduced me to the Beany 
books when I was living in Annapolis, but I only read them from the 
library.  When I tried getting them again, they'd become mad 
collector's items, and I thought that put paid to any chance of 
reading them.  Now they've been re-printed, and I'm enjoying 
rereading them so much - and reading to Becca.

Music: mind goes blank again.  Lot of folk and trad, like Pentangle, 
Altan, and The Tannahill Weavers, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, 
U2, and now Becca's got me liking Nickleback.

Non-reading interests:  Non-reading?  Like completely not associated 
with reading??  Er...   Done the music listening thing, can't do the 
computer thing, as almost every use to which I put it involves books 
in some way or other, cooking I *guess*, though even there, I like 
reading cook-books and mags probably more than actually putting in 
time in the kitchen. :)  But I do like baking - healthy-adapted 
recipes, but even the kids don't complain about it.  And I'm a 
dog-person and a tea-person.
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