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Ok I'll bite, but I'll try and make some of the answers different to last 
years survey:

> Name: Rowena Macrae-Gibson
> Occupation: Librarian (full details in my sig file) One perk being that I 
> can order items for stock, so I've got the new book about DWJ on order.
> Age:34
> Spouses/children: Boyf of 14 years/0
> I live in: Currently back in London after 8 years in Exeter (Am I mad?!?)
> How I discovered the list: Like many people I can't remember, although 
> the development of the web has been fantastic, as now I know I'm not the 
> only person who loves DWJ!
> Favorite DWJ novel: Very difficult to choose, although probably Fire & 
> Hemlock or Howl. It's easier to say which I re-read least frequently 
> (Homeward Bounders, Black Maria)
> First DWJ novel: Dogsbody in about 1978. So some of my books are now 
> falling apart. I'm wondering whether to rebuy just those in need of 
> repair, or the whole lot. (Although I'm still waiting for Cart & Cwidder 
> to be republished in an unabridged format. I'll stick with my original   
> Puffin paperback rather than read my edited copy)
> Favorite authors (besides DWJ): Difficult to say. Despite loving a lot of 
> SF/fantasy on TV, I don't read much of it. I like lots of different 
> things, although we do own a lot of 'golden age' detective fiction.
> Number of books owned: Very difficult to say, although the only reason we 
> need a spare room is to help house the books, and the videos, and the CDs 
> are beginning to take over the living room!
> Favorite music: Classical & Opera. With Desert Island Discs including 
> Peter Grimes, Tristan & Isolde, Shostakovich and at least some cello 
> music. 
> Non-reading hobbies: Going to concerts & the Opera. Listening to 
> music. And watching some of the aforementioned huge pile of  
> videos (Mostly Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Buffy & Angel, The Sweeney) 

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