The horror! The horror!

Tanaqui tweaver at
Thu Jun 6 22:56:42 EDT 2002

Jon Noble:
+ If we all think hard enough I'm sure we can all think
+ of examples of movies that are better than book. 

I think _Cold Dog Soup_, though Kim Newman thinks the book is better.

I just love the stylised strangeness and humour of the film.

+ It is even possible to  find  depths in "Total recall"
+ that go beyond Dick's story - but as this was only a
+ short story that's probably cheating.

Maybe they're to be found in the full-length novel _Total Recall_,
written from the film by Piers <hawk, spit> Anthony. It was probably
a bad idea even before they picked the author, though I confess that
I haven't even tried to read it. Desecration of Dick...

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