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Thu Jun 6 22:45:55 EDT 2002

+ As I just started American Gods last night I will probably not get to 
+ anything else for at least awhile, but has anyone else heard of/read 
+ Coraline?  It's apparently Gaiman's new book (author reviews on Amazon are 
+ from DWJ (Ha!  OBDwj slide in) and Terry Pratchett) and it appears to be 
+ good in Gaiman's normal, creepy, disturbing 
+ may-I-please-wash-my-brain-out-with-soap way.

I (proof)read _Coraline_ before _American Gods_ was published (Neil wrote it 
quite a while ago - at least a year and a half - but it had to wait on Dave 
McKean's illustrations). I vastly prefer the Fairy Tale nature of _Coraline_ 
to the grim, depressing, I'll-just-nip-off-to-join-the-dead-now nature of _AG_.

_AG_ seemed ultimately depressing, a sad step down for imported archetypes...

I had _Coraline_ still loaded on my PalmOS device when I went to the London 
_American Gods_ signing, so I was tempted to read bits to the huge fannish 
queue. <evil grin>

_Coraline_ is well-written, exciting and had that nebulous aura of Wonder
to it, whereas the American Gods seem tawdry like the American Places of
Power in the novel. Also, it really really annoys me when an author panders
to the readership... I figured out Low-Key Lyesmith and Mr Nancy very easily
and didn't need a gosh-wow-hey-look bit of text later.

Obviously, I can't figure out the god whose name gets forgotten, but the
Author can't put it in print either, hah.

NG did this in _Stardust_ as well, explicitly pointing out the resolution of
the "two 'weekdays' in one week" prophecy section, but apparently (he says) The 
Publishers Made Him Do It because they didn't get it. grrr.

Thank goodness DWJ never panders. 

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