Chris R sfa_ok2001 at
Thu Jun 6 22:07:11 EDT 2002

Name: Chris(tina) Robertson

Occupation: Harassed student and public library minion


Spouses/children: 0

I live in: Auckland, New Zealand. Nice flat, nice
flatmates who can cook...all good.

How I discovered the list: Google. Was looking for
ways to waste time which I should be spending on
studying. (Me? Study? Ha!)

Favorite DWJ novel: Homeward Bounders, but subject to
change without notice

First DWJ novel: Either Charmed Life or Tale of Time
City. Too long ago to remember. 

Favorite authors (besides DWJ): no
particular order: Lois McMaster Bujold, Elizabeth
Moon, Antonia Forest, Doris Lessing, Philip Jose
Farmer, *coughTamora Piercecough* (addiction left over
from my impressionable adolescence), Guy Gavriel Kay,
Joan Aiken, Sheri S. Tepper...

 Number of books owned: ?? Many, but ownership of some
would be disputed if my mum ever remembered they

Favorite musician/group: Super Furry Animals. But
currently obsessively playing U2 - Achtung Baby

Non-reading hobbies: Taekwon-Do, movies, politics,
procrastinating, cooking


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