OT anime (was: The horror! The horror!)

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 6 19:44:06 EDT 2002

>From: Melissa Proffitt I don't know nearly as much about anime as I wish I 
>did.  For example, how
>narrow the definition of "anime" is.  You pointed out that there's a wide
>range of styles between artists so that the standard big-eyes-button-nose
>isn't really as standard as we think--but are there any independent
>filmmakers producing animated movies that are NOT anime?

the term "anime" in japan merely means "animation." in japan, the latest 
disney movie would be correctly termed "anime." however, as with many things 
that cross over from another culture (and this happens especially a lot in 
US/foreign anime fandom, as there are no japanese people to argue with the 
fans) it has come simply to mean "japanese animation" abroad. further, what 
people really mean by *that* is animation created for the japanese market by 
japanese creative staff, as a lot of the actual physical animation work for 
many titles is actually handled in korea on the cheap.

a further nuance: about a year or two ago, an american anime distributor 
produced an original video based on a US PC game in japan. it had japanese 
character designs, a japanese director, a score from a japanese composer, 
and more. many fans do not consider this film to be "anime" since the script 
was written in the US. i think it's niggling but if i had to come down on 
one side of the issue, i'm with them. part of the reason we all like anime 
so much is because it has a different cultural perspective than we're used 

(similarly, the nascent original korean animation industry's products have 
their own adopted korean word to describe them, which escapes me. there are 
VERY few of these compared to japanese animation, and even fewer make it to 
the US. korea is very up-and-coming in general right now. but i digress.)

>Nah.  I love Kiki.  Are those links his work?  (I told you I know nothing
>about who actually produces this stuff.  I am so ashamed.  :)

yep. those are his character designs, so everyone could see what his work 
looks like. i should've been clearer about it. kiki is a great example of a 
wonderful anime film that works as a film -- incidentally it's a rather 
loose adaptation of a children's book, which i've never actually read so i 
can't comment on.

kiki's delivery service could imo be a great starting point for DWJ list 
members to visit the world of anime. it should be out on DVD here in the US 
by the end of the year, and similarly should be out in the UK sometime 
sooner or later. (it's already out in japan with english dub and subtitles 
on the disc, so adventurous people who are capable of playing R2 NTSC discs 
could pick it up, as i have.)

if anyone is actually interested in further discussing anime we could take 
it off list -- and i'd be happy to make recommendations for people based on 
their tastes. there's an amazingly wider variety of stuff out there than 
people who don't know about it are lead to expect (no, it's not all giant 
robots having sex and killing people.)


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