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Emma Comerford s369161 at
Thu Jun 6 19:13:11 EDT 2002

I love having all of these surveys as I can look up who people are when
I've forgotten who they are! As I mostly lurk, I thought I'd be easier to
forget than everyone else, so here goes:

Name: Emma Comerford

Age: 21 (22 soon - that seems a lot older than 21!)

Occupation: Having finshed my Arts and Economics degrees last year I
innocently thought doing my honours year was a good idea (I'm sure I'll
think it is when I finish my thesis!).  Although my course is nominally
named Economic History, I'm really specialising in Environmental Economics.

Married: no, but I have a boyfriend who has caved in after many years of
pressure and is now enjoying DWJ!

Children: no

Live in: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

How I discovered the list: through the Chrestomanci Castle website, which I
found when searching for other people who liked DWJ. Mostly lurk.

Favourite DWJ: I'm trying to remember what I chose last time! My first
ranking includes LoCC, Deep Secret, Fire and Hemlock, Homeward Bounders and
Howl. And Archer's Goon. And Ogre...

First DWJ: I think it was LoCC when I was about 11 or 12, but it could have
been Tale of Time City as it took me a couple of years to figure out it was
by the same author (don't know why).

Favourite authors: I know I'll remember someone else as soon as I send the
message, but some are Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis (both courtesy of
the list!), Margaret Mahy, Charles de Lint, Julian May, Kim Stanley
Robinson, Terry Pratchett...

Number of books owned: no idea. My mum says too many and I definitely say
not enough!

Non-reading hobbies: When I had a life I used to like hanging out with
friends, playing board games, going to the movies, helping out with
projects for my United Nations Students Association group - just normal but
fun stuff. At the moment I am spending hours answering questions such as
"What is the hardest decision you have ever had to make?" for graduate
positions for next year.

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