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>>--I have no memory of first reading
>> the books; I'm told it was
>> when I was 8, but that seems a little unlikely; 

>Not impossibly so. I started reading it when I was 7 -
>v. proud of ability to read Chapter Books, LOTR was
>the biggest Chapter Book in the house 

I meant unlikely for ME.  I could read before I was three, and I know I was
reading chapter books at that age, but my best friend is the one who
reminded me that we read the series back then.  The only books I remember
reading from that age were Nancy Drew and the Carolyn Heywood books.
("Remember how we read all those chapter books for the readathon?  And those
two snotty girls were so proud of how many books they read, but they were
all picture books?  And we still read more books than they did?  Remember
that?"  Not really.  I remember it resulted in a fistful of balloons, back
when you could still release helium balloons as part of a school activity.)
We used to act out games on the playground and I kinda thought we would have
acted LotR if we did ANYTHING, but I'm pretty sure we didn't.  It's
certainly possible, though.

>- and managed OK
>until I got to the Black Riders, had a fit of the
>screaming heebiejeebies and Mum made me put it down
>for a few years.

We saw a packaged costume in the party store the other was a black
robe with a hood and face shield that made you look invisible.  If you added
a big cloak it would have been seriously creepy.  :)  I'd be a Black Rider
for Halloween but it would freak out the neighborhood kids--maybe that's
something to do when the teenagers start coming out late at night.

Melissa Proffitt
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