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Thu Jun 6 17:27:02 EDT 2002

If we all think hard enough I'm sure we can all think
of examples of movies that are better than book. Stan
Kubrik's "Dr Strangelove" was a far better movie than
Peter George's novel, upon which it was based, was
book. Hitchcock's "Psycho" did more than justice to
Bob Bloch's novel (although there were things in the
novel that it would have been nice to have in the
film. What is tragic is that when they remade psycho
they totally ignored the book. The two "planet of the
apes" movies I thought were both better than Pierre
Boulle's novel, although neither could be called a
faithful adaptation in any way.Also by Boulle; "Bridge
on the river kwai" too I thought better than the book.
Mind you most of these books I read a very long time
ago, when I was younger than anyone on the list (so
far), and rereading the books may change my opinion.
It is even possible to  find  depths in "Total recall"
that go beyond Dick's story - but as this was only a
short story that's probably cheating.

Jon Noble
--- Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at> wrote:
> On Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:47:20 +0000, christian nutt
> wrote:
> >someone else (forgive me, i've forgotten who) said
> that you couldn't match a 
> >book for complexity and depth (citing a 26 hour
> movie as one successful 
> >attempt) but i don't think that you should try to
> *in the same way*. there's 
> >so much to the medium of film that sets it apart.
> you can have complexity 
> >and depth, subtlety and nuance, in very different
> ways than in a book, and 
> >that's all right.
> That's exactly what I look for in a good adaptation.
>  I was less happy about
> the Harry Potter movie because it seemed so bent on
> staying true to the book
> that it missed a lot of chances to be great. 
> Granted, the audience probably
> would have been furious if they'd deviated a lot
> from the book, and it was
> still a pretty good flick--but the reason I was
> disappointed was that it was
> more like an abridged video presentation (analogous
> to an abridged
> audiocassette recording, but on film) and at the
> end, instead of being happy
> about what was there, I kept thinking "wish they'd
> done *that* scene" or
> "wouldn't it have been cool to see all the different
> places the Dursleys try
> to escape to, instead of just the last one?"
> There are SO many films that I saw and was utterly
> satisfied by that I can't
> even list them all.  I can't imagine why I would
> want to read the
> novelisations.  (Not the same, of course, as reading
> an original novel upon
> which the film was based.)

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