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--- Rebecca Ganetzky <rganetzk at> wrote:
> As I just started American Gods last night I will
> probably not get to 
> anything else for at least awhile, but has anyone
> else heard of/read 
> Coraline?  It's apparently Gaiman's new book (author
> reviews on Amazon are 
> from DWJ (Ha!  OBDwj slide in) and Terry Pratchett)
> and it appears to be 
> good in Gaiman's normal, creepy, disturbing 
> may-I-please-wash-my-brain-out-with-soap way.
> Any comments?

I've heard him read part of it, the beginning, and it
was riveting.  I'm very much looking forward to
reading it -- it's coming out in July and I have
already ordered my copy of the special limited edition
with Dave McKean-illustrated pages.  I've also ordered
a copy of the Audio CD, with Gaiman himself reading,
which just came out in May. <bounce>

If you want to hear Gaiman talk about the book, poke
around in his blog (which has been mentioned here
before, I believe):

There is a point in the journal at which he says he
sent the book to only 3 people to ask for jacket blurb
reviews, and was desperately hoping they would all
like it -- and of course they all loved it.  So he has
positive blurbs from DWJ and Terry Pratchett, and a
blurb from Lemony Snicket cautioning kids not to read
this book, and what more could he ever want?  :)
(I'm paraphrasing here... his version of the story is
much funnier)


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