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Thu Jun 6 14:11:47 EDT 2002

On Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:47:20 +0000, christian nutt wrote:

>someone else (forgive me, i've forgotten who) said that you couldn't match a 
>book for complexity and depth (citing a 26 hour movie as one successful 
>attempt) but i don't think that you should try to *in the same way*. there's 
>so much to the medium of film that sets it apart. you can have complexity 
>and depth, subtlety and nuance, in very different ways than in a book, and 
>that's all right.

That's exactly what I look for in a good adaptation.  I was less happy about
the Harry Potter movie because it seemed so bent on staying true to the book
that it missed a lot of chances to be great.  Granted, the audience probably
would have been furious if they'd deviated a lot from the book, and it was
still a pretty good flick--but the reason I was disappointed was that it was
more like an abridged video presentation (analogous to an abridged
audiocassette recording, but on film) and at the end, instead of being happy
about what was there, I kept thinking "wish they'd done *that* scene" or
"wouldn't it have been cool to see all the different places the Dursleys try
to escape to, instead of just the last one?"

There are SO many films that I saw and was utterly satisfied by that I can't
even list them all.  I can't imagine why I would want to read the
novelisations.  (Not the same, of course, as reading an original novel upon
which the film was based.)

>on a related note, i love films, but when it comes to anime i prefer series, 
>because they're generally much more developed than films. usually, anime 
>films just go for a cute, self-contained story and miss a lot of the things 
>that set film apart as a medium.

I don't know nearly as much about anime as I wish I did.  For example, how
narrow the definition of "anime" is.  You pointed out that there's a wide
range of styles between artists so that the standard big-eyes-button-nose
isn't really as standard as we think--but are there any independent
filmmakers producing animated movies that are NOT anime?

>OBDWJ: i think we're going to have to prepare ourselves for the possibility 
>that studio ghibli's vision of howl's moving castle is not what we were 
>looking for. well, you guys, more than me. =)

Nah.  I love Kiki.  Are those links his work?  (I told you I know nothing
about who actually produces this stuff.  I am so ashamed.  :)

Melissa Proffitt
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