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On Thu, 06 Jun 2002 13:00:54 +0100, Michelle Thomas wrote:

>On 6/6/02 12:47 pm, "christian nutt" <ferricide at> wrote:

>> well, that's all right then. =)
>> really, i am not surprised that bibliophiles like books better -- what else
>> would you expect? books are great in their own way and films are in theirs.
>I'm a cinephile and a bibliophile, and I would find it hard to choose
>between them because I love them both in different ways.  I have to have a
>book to read, always, and if I don't see a film in the cinema for 2 weeks I
>start to feel odd.  Addicted, I guess.

I can't afford to go to the theater any more (except for very rarely) but we
are addicted to DVDs and watch at least a movie a week, sometimes more.  But
I second what you say about choosing between them.  I love books.  I love
movies.  I'm in a reading group where all of us also love movies; half the
time we end up talking about films rather than books.  (It's all women, we
all love science fiction, and I am the baby of the group.  It's a blast!
Plus we all share the same passions for certain Leading Men...Rufus Sewell
is guaranteed to set us all drooling....)

I don't know.  It's like asking, do I like pizza or ice cream better?
Sometimes I'm in the mood for pizza.  Other times I just want Ben & Jerry's
Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.  They're just different.

>But the advantage that books still have over films is that they're portable
>and cheap(ish).

Yeah, and you only have to pay once to read them, unlike seeing a film in
the theater.  (Though in my poverty-stricken state I have resorted to
getting movies from the library, which is okay if you're willing to place a
hold and wait for it to be delivered.  I live in the wrong part of town.
They just recently had to start keeping the DVD disks behind the counter
because people were taking them out of the boxes and walking away.  Grrr.)

Melissa Proffitt
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