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Thu Jun 6 13:20:57 EDT 2002

Okey dokey.

>Name: Nat Case
>Occupation: Cartographer (hea dof production for a small map 
>publishing company).
>Age: 36
>Married: To the lovely and talented Ingrid Case
>Children: a child of unknown gender is arriving soon: target date September 8!
>I live in: Minneapolis, in a 1890 house we bought a year ago.
>How I discovered the list: I don't remember. Possibly via the web 
>site. I think there may have been a e-mailing to people who had 
>signed in at the web site very early on..
>Favorite DWJ novel: My traditional answer is Fire and Hemlock 
>followed closely by Homeward Bouders. I'm tempted by some others 
>(Spellcoats most recently, and Power of Three), but those two still 
>have my allegiance,
>First DWJ novel: The Ogre Downstairs, in 1975, shortly after it came 
>out in Puffin. It was a present from my mother's old French teacher, 
>who was a family friend.
>Favorite authors (besides DWJ): Much to my regret, I've been reading 
>very little of late. Work and home and dancing and Friends meeting 
>have taken most of my time. And with the kid coming, it doesn't look 
>good for this to change real soon... Historically, I will buy 
>anything by Margaret Mahy (older kids books only), Kenneth 
>Lillington, Ursula LeGuin (lately she's been turnign out nothing but 
>Great Stuff), Orson Scott Card (lately he's bee turning out less 
>appealing stuff to my taste). Phillip Pullman, Davind Almond, Bruce 
>Brooks and Tim Wynne-Jones are also very high on my list.
>Number of books owned: Egad. We just built floor-to-ceiling 
>bookshelves in the dining room to make space for what will be the 
>baby's room. I'm going to hazard a guess at 150-200 linear feet. 
>Probably towards the higher end of that.
>Favorite musician/group: At the moment, Väsen, from Sweden. Grey Eye 
>Glances from Philly is also high up there, along with Finest Kind, 
>Brass Monkey, Joni Mitchell, Mike Oldfield (the early stuff 
>especially), Boiled in Lead, and Bare Necessities
>Non-reading hobbies: Morris dancing, singing, walking. Also active 
>in the local Friends Meeting.
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