Nat Case ncase at
Thu Jun 6 13:03:00 EDT 2002

My favorite adaption, and really one of my favorite movies (at least 
for the first half-hour) is The Black Stallion. The original book by 
Walter Farley is OK, but it's one of those that reads easier when 
you;re 7 than when you're 27. The director managed to capture the 
spirit of the book and translate it into movie that you can watch at 
any age.

I actually like Princess Bride better as a book. One of the things I 
liked best about it (the side references to S Morgenstern and the 
editing out of the boring bits when reading to his kid) are of course 
left entirely out of the movie. On the other hand, my wife and I 
quote at each other from the movie all the time, and never from the 
book, so the movie apparently has had a greater impact on our reptile 

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