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Thu Jun 6 09:45:34 EDT 2002

Name: Irina Rempt

Occupation: Trying to finish a novel, Also full-time mother, part-time 
web designer and all-the-time church volunteer.

Age: 44

Married: Yes, almost 9 years, very happily.

Children: Three daughters, 8 and two instances of 6, all of them bright 
and voracious readers.

I live in: Deventer, Netherlands, near the most beautiful river in the 
country (the IJssel).

How I discovered the list: Don't remember!

Favorite DWJ novel: Hmm. First I think of: Fire and Hemlock, what comes 
to mind if I tthink further: Deep Secret. Also Year of the Griffin, 
though I like the first two-thirds much better than the final third.

First DWJ novel: Either _The Spellcoats_ or _Cart and Cwidder_; I bought 
translations of both for one guilder each when I was about eleven.

Favourite authors: DWJ (duh), Dorothy Sayers, Caroline Stevermer.

Reading right now: _Little, Big_ (very slowly, in fits and starts) and 
_The Interior Life_ (yet again). The "junior information" booklets the 
kids bring home, about all kinds of subjects I wouldn't ordinarily read 
about, such as "Parchment" and "Taxes".

Number of books owned: About eight thousand in joint ownership. I think 
about two thousand are truly mine, approximately the same number truly 
my husband's, the rest we bought together. (The kids have about a 
hundred between them, not counting the all-family children's books)

Hobbies outside of reading: Apart from trying to finish the novel?
I make time for folk-dancing and sing alto in the church choir. Music - 
not actively at the moment apart from singing, but I used to play 
recorder and crumhorn and percussion in an early-dance band; I'm 
mediocre at wind instruments and quite good at percussion. Cooking - I 
bake my own bread. Translating things (which I've also done for money, 
but it's all for love these days). 


Vesta veran, terna puran, farenin.
Beghinnen can ick, volherden will' ick, volbringhen sal ick.

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