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Thu Jun 6 09:35:00 EDT 2002

Name: Rebecca Ganetzky

Occupation(s): For the summer: Programmer for one of my Prof's grant 
projects.  During the school year, I am additionally a Student Technical 
Assistant, a PreMed-Bio-CompSci major and (if I get re-elected) a Student 

Age: 19(!)

Married: Um, No.  (I'm constantly shocked by the married people about my 
age...I'm just barely beginning to consider myself a grown-up...)

Children: None of my own.  Quite a few surrogate children that follow me 
around, write me e-mails, and (hopefully) will come visit me at college 
when they're old enough.

I live in: Oberlin, OH (Outside of Cleveland).  Technically I'm still a 
resident of Madison, WI, though.

How I discovered the list: I did a Google search for Diana Wynne Jones, and 
came up with this.

Favorite DWJ novel: Deep Secret and Fire & Hemlock

First DWJ novel: Lives of Christopher Chant

Favorite Authors: DWJ, Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Charles 
de Lint, Patricia Wrede...really in an Urban Phase right now.  Mainly 
reading Gaiman and de Lint.  I'm also fond of Perilous Gard, Rhapsody and a 
few other books that are the only things of I read by the given author.

Number of books owned: Too many for my poor, tiny, college bookshelves.

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