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christian nutt ferricide at
Thu Jun 6 07:47:20 EDT 2002

>From: Michelle Thomas
>Christian you are quite right, I meant to say adaptations to screen aren't
>as good as the original source material.  It doesn't mean they're never
>enjoyable in their own way.  But usually adaptations have to cut so much 
>because films by their nature can't be more than three hours long.

well, that's all right then. =)

really, i am not surprised that bibliophiles like books better -- what else 
would you expect? books are great in their own way and films are in theirs.

someone else (forgive me, i've forgotten who) said that you couldn't match a 
book for complexity and depth (citing a 26 hour movie as one successful 
attempt) but i don't think that you should try to *in the same way*. there's 
so much to the medium of film that sets it apart. you can have complexity 
and depth, subtlety and nuance, in very different ways than in a book, and 
that's all right.

on a related note, i love films, but when it comes to anime i prefer series, 
because they're generally much more developed than films. usually, anime 
films just go for a cute, self-contained story and miss a lot of the things 
that set film apart as a medium. studio ghibli (the ones doing howl's) are 
one of the few anime studios that understand film right. (imo, of course.) 
it just depends on the strengths of the medium and what people try to do 
with it. everything is relative, and i don't like making declarative 
generalities because there are *always exceptions* (which in itself is a 
generality -- bear with me.)

highly OT time:

>PS I'm not sure I agree with you about Fight Club, because the whole split
>personality thing didn't work as well as a twist in the film as it did in
>the book. For me, anyway...

well, not stating my opinion as fact, but i think the film is excellent and 
the book merely decent. of course, i did come to the book *after* i saw the 
movie, so that part of the discssion applies (liking what you encountered 
first more.) i found the film terribly engaging and clever, and a lot of the 
elements that really grabbed me are actually absent from the novel, although 
the skeleton is there. of course, the book has its own different bits that 
work differently (and sometimes better, or deeper) than the film, but i 
think the film is totally excellent.

OBDWJ: i think we're going to have to prepare ourselves for the possibility 
that studio ghibli's vision of howl's moving castle is not what we were 
looking for. well, you guys, more than me. =) for one, i fear the character 
designs are going to sit well with people on this list. i believe katsuya 
kondou is handling the designwork, and he's a great artist but i don't know 
if he's done anything like this before. most of the ghibli stories feature 
japanese characters. we'll have to see. people have a preconception of 
"anime" character designs with big bug eyes and button noses and cuteness, 
but there's really a very big range of styles from designer to designer. his 
tend to be a bit down to earth and not particularly stylish -- or not 
flamboyant, anyway.



PS: in the OBDWJ what does "OB" stand for? i've been wondering.. i just 
noticed it seems to mean "this off topic post will now contain a bit about 
DWJ." =)

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