The horror! The horror!

Michelle Thomas michellet at
Thu Jun 6 05:53:57 EDT 2002

> unless you mean to say "films of books can't be as good as the books they're
> based on" i think i'll have to differ with you on that point.
> films can too be as good as books. some films are better than some books.
> they're very different mediums.
Christian you are quite right, I meant to say adaptations to screen aren't
as good as the original source material.  It doesn't mean they're never
enjoyable in their own way.  But usually adaptations have to cut so much out
because films by their nature can't be more than three hours long.


PS I'm not sure I agree with you about Fight Club, because the whole split
personality thing didn't work as well as a twist in the film as it did in
the book. For me, anyway...

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