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Thu Jun 6 05:48:06 EDT 2002

Name: Bettina Bubach

Occupation(s): Finishing my thesis (argh. I don't have time for this ;-)
also working at the Uni (Library and Teaching)

Age: 27, not married, no children

I live in: Freiburg, beautiful town in south-west Germany. I love it there.

How I discovered the list: After I rediscovered DWJ two or three years ago,
I surfed the web, looking for information. Found the list. Joined. Stayed.
Nice place. :-)
Favorite DWJ novel: Difficult. Charmed Life, Hexwood. Deep Secret. It
changes while I think a bout it!

First DWJ novel: Er. I was a kid, about eigth or nine. It was either Witch
Week, Charmed Life or Caprona.

<argh.> You know what's coming. Hopefully I'll have more time in a couple of
months, then I'll tell you about my favorite authors...


I moved a month a ago and noticed that I own much more books than I thought,
and heavy ones, too.

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