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Thu Jun 6 05:38:00 EDT 2002

Name: Michelle Thomas
Occupation: Account Manager at a small advertising agency which specialises
in film & tv clients.  I love it - I get to watch films during the day!

Age: 34

Married: nope.

Children: Ditto

I live in: London, which I have a love/hate relationship with.  Sometimes I
loathe it but I really struggle when I try to think where else I might live.

How I discovered the list:  Trawling the net for DWJ info

Favorite DWJ:  Fire & Hemlock, Hexwood, Charmed Life.

First DWJ novel:  Charmed Life, which my nephew lent me, telling me that it
was much better than Harry Potter.

Favorite authors: Too many to list... Georgette Heyer, Nancy Mitford, E.
Nesbit, William Dalrymple, William Gibson, Philip Pullman - that's just off
the top of my head.

Reading right now:  Nancy Mitford, who I discovered only recently, having
been put off by all the Nazi associations. The Pursuit of Love and Love in A
Cold Climate are both hilarious, with the same beautifully crafted qualities
that I love about Georgette Heyer.

Number of books owned: Haven't counted. Lots.

Hobbies outside of reading:  I don't know if watching films counts as a
hobby when its also something I do for work.  Always trying to write, always
failing to make enough time to do it properly.  I want to learn to knit, I
just need to go out and buy some wool. And yoga.

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