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Thu Jun 6 01:38:21 EDT 2002

I've always thought that The Homeward Bounders would make a great movie or
TV series.  I think the characters would come across really well on screen
and there would be some sequences in that I'd just love to see filmed, like
the Jamie and Joris in the cricket match, and the Creema Di Leema world. And
the battle with Them.

It's not one of my favourite DWJs, so I don't have as much emotionally
invested in my picture of it.  I think it's going to be a shock to see
Howl's Moving castle on the screen, especially in anime style.  I already
have clear ideas on how that should look as a movie, and I don't think
that's how it will end up.  Not to say that it will be bad, it will just be
a shock!  It was enough of a shock to see the anime style fan art that
someone (Christian?) posted a link to on here. 

> ObDWJ, I think the most screen-translatable books of
> hers would be the domestic comedies, like Ogre
> Downstairs - lowish on sfx which certain directors
> (talking to you here, George Lucas) allow to take over
> the film at the expense of little things like
> character development, plot and a decent script.

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