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Thu Jun 6 00:51:14 EDT 2002

Name: Robyn Starkey

Occupation(s): university teacher (medieval english lit, writing, study
skills); academic editor and thesis doctor (just finished reading a
thesis on 16th Century household politics for a friend), writer, mother,
onetime telephone psychic and occasional busy body.

Age: older than Melissa (but not much)

Married: yes
Children: one, but she's fast and wiry

I live in: Calgary, moved from Melbourne, Australia 8 months ago; not
sure how happy I am about the move.

How I discovered the list:  A fairly long time ago, I was on a list
called girlsown (which was run by another DWJ lister); where DWJ books
were occasionally discussed, and someone mentioned this list, so I
joined. Have been reasonably regular ever since.
Favorite DWJ novel: Spellcoats, but I love all of them.
First DWJ novel: I think it was Witch Week.

Oddest reason for loving DWJ: her husband is a medievalist and she
reads, so she never commits stupidities that occur in lots of other
fantasy novels which have medievally worlds.

Favorite authors: Douglas Coupland, DWJ, Terry Pratchett, Lois 
McMaster Bujold, Robertson Davies, David Lodge,  Patricia McKillip, Robin 
McKinley, Dorothy Sayers, Georgette Heyer, Shakespeare, Chaucer, the
Gawain poet, Jane Auster, EF Benson...I'll stop now.

Number of books owned: about 1700.  
Number of books in storage in Australia: 1600 (I mentioned having issues)


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