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Chris R sfa_ok2001 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 5 22:35:31 EDT 2002

 --- Jacob Proffitt <Jacob at Proffitt.com> wrote: >
---Lord of the
> Rings is one that I
> think comes very close to being as good as its
> source.  Since it's an
> adaptation of a truly fine book, it's a little tough
> to really determine
> that, but to me, Peter Jackson did an *excellent*
> job translating the
> book to the screen...
I loved the film so much that I went back to the book,
which I last read - and adored, and spent the next few
years raving about whenever my anti-genre English
teacher said rude things about fantasy - when I was
twelve or thirteen, and discovered that Tolkien's
prose style now really bugs me. And the Poetry gets up
my nose too. Yay. Bang goes a favourite author.
What I liked most about the film was that I wasn't
really expecting much - Peter Jackson's only other
big-budget film (The Frighteners) wasn't that great
and his earlier films were necessarily constrained
financially so he couldn't try to blow the audience
away with scope like LOTR does, and had to concentrate
on other cool things like quirky humour and nifty
low-budget grotesquery. So I was blissfully
ObDWJ, I think the most screen-translatable books of
hers would be the domestic comedies, like Ogre
Downstairs - lowish on sfx which certain directors
(talking to you here, George Lucas) allow to take over
the film at the expense of little things like
character development, plot and a decent script. I'd
like to see a Tom Stoppard film of HDM, but only if
the studio keep their grubby hands *off* creative and
casting decisions. HDM with, say, Gwyneth Paltrow and
a happy ending would be a Bad Thing. *shudders*
Who is a New Zealander despite her yahoo.co.uk addy
and currently flush with patriotism. Peter Jackson is
a Great Man. (Actually, I have a theory that he's a
hobbit, but that's another story.)

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