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Wed Jun 5 22:02:49 EDT 2002

Ok I'll bite too,

> Name: Jon Noble
> Occupation: Teacher-librarian in a high school. In
Oz school librarians are teachers first and librarians
second, which is not always the case in other parts of
the world. I've been a T-L for 25 years.
> Age: 48 and that's still young

> Married: yes - to a DWJ reader
> Children: two daughters aged 20 and 23, both still
at home and both DWJ readers

> I live in: Kilaben Bay, NSW. This is a suburb of a
small town called Toronto (named for the canadian
city) which is about 120km north of Sydney and 40km
south of Newcastle if you have an atlas. It is on the
western shores of lake Macquarie, Australia's largest
coastal lake. 
> How I discovered the list:  stumbled across the
archives of the list while searching the web for info
an a (non-DWJ) novel. After reading a few messages
decided these looked like interesting people and
joined. i am quite active on a couple of other lists -
but these are professional for Oz Tls

> Favorite DWJ novel: Deep secret, also the dalemark
books and Archer's goon
> First DWJ novel: Spellcoats
> Favorite authors: DWJ, JRRT, Jack Vance, George
Macdonald Fraser, David Brinn, Greg Egan, Sean
Macmullen (now he knows how to write about a
librarian) and many other.

> Number of books owned: about 9,000 (between the four
of us - who are all bibliophiles). These include most
DWJ - but I'm still missing 7 or 8, apart from Deep
secret and A sudden wild magic the ones for younger
readers (but have wild robert)

If we make this an annual evcent I'll try to give
completely diferent answers to every question next
time. ;-)

Jon Noble

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