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This is fun!

Name: Jackie Stallcup

Occupation: Assistant Professor at California State University,
Northridge, in the English Department.  My specialty is children's
literature.  So, not only did I manage to find a job that pays me to read
and write, I even manage to secure one that lets me read, write, write
about and discuss my very favorite type of literature.  Sometimes I stand
up in front of my classes and marvel that I'm getting paid to have such a
good time.

Age: 34

Married: yes 

Children: Nope.  And I get asked ALL THE TIME:  If I love children's
literature so much, why don't I have kids?  Answer: because I don't want
any.  Frankly, they scare me.  

I live in: Southern California, Ontario, to be exact, which is about 1
hour east of Los Angeles.  Northridge, where I work, is about 40 minutes
west and north of LA.  Hence, I take the train to work, mostly.
Christian, why on earth do you want to move to LA?  SF is a wonderful
place (to visit anyway, I don't know about living there, but I'd sure
like to try it!)

How I discovered the list:  Believe it or not, I can't remember, even
though I only joined a few months ago.  I think I must have used those
brain cells for remembering student names, instead.

Favorite DWJ:  I think the funniest scene in all the DWJ I've read is
when the tables turn on Angus Flint.  Never fails to make me roll around
laughing.  Otherwise, let's see... Fire and Hemlock, Dogsbody, Howl's
Moving Castle, The Dalemark books except for Spellcoats.

First DWJ novel: Definitely Dogsbody; I read it either in high school or
junior high, but hadn't re-read it in years until just a few months ago,
when the ending just blew me away.  I don't remember being so affected by
it as a teen. 

Favorite authors: Louisa May Alcott, L.M. Montgomery, Helen Cresswell
(Bagthorpe Saga), Orson Scott Card, Lloyd Alexander, Dorothy Gilman, Dick
Francis, Joan Aiken (is there a Joan Aiken list?  there should be!),
Eleanor Estes, Louise Fitzhugh, Tove Jannson... I could go on for pages.

Reading right now:  Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card, for a paper that
I'm thinking about writing (see??  I get to pleasure read for work!). 
Also, Speaking of Sex:  The Denial of Gender Inequality by Deborah L.
Rhode.  Filled with maddening stories of gender inequality that still
exist.  Also just finished a couple of Joan Aiken books.  And for school,
this semester in addition to the children's and YA lit that I taught, I
also read and taught nine or ten nineteenth century novels by women,
including E. Nesbit's Five Children and It, which is quite a lot of fun.
The students found it a disconcerting switch from the mostly "serious"
novels that we had been reading--which made it even more fun.

Number of books owned: 3226 that are currently catalogued (I just went
and checked) and a few that aren't.  

Hobbies outside of reading and writing:  Horseback riding (I have two
horses, one of which is a half-ton pet and the other of which I ride both
hunter/jumper and dressage), playing with our babies (five cats and a
dog), gardening, going out with my hubby to poetry readings, museums,
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