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Wed Jun 5 21:58:14 EDT 2002

Since if I don't reply to something within the same "checking
e-mail" span, the chance that I'll actually reply to it decreases
immensely... [also since I tend to be sort of quiet on the list, and this
way people might actually notice that I exist. ;^)

Name: Kyla Tornheim

Occupation: Part-time museum assistant at a Victorian House Museum,
meaning that I do a bit of everything (give tours, type stuff, figure out
our incomplete cataloguing system, keep our mailing list in shape)

Age: 22, almost 23 (in August, when traditionally No One I Know is around)

Married: I wish. 

Children: I don't wish. Or at least not yet. And probably not until the
previous wish is fulfilled.

I live in: Boston, Massachusetts. In the same lovely Victorian house I
grew up in.

How I discovered the list: My friend Kyra, also on the list, said, "Hey,
since you're a Diana Wynne Jones fan..." Then I spent a number of days
reading through the archives instead of studying for finals.

Favorite DWJ novel: Oh, argh. I think my traditional answer is
Hexwood. Deep Secret is creeping up, partly because my college a cappella
group sang the Lyke Wake Dirge.

First DWJ novel: Probably The Ogre Downstairs. And I just obsessively
figured out how old I was when I started reading DWJ, based on publication
dates and which books we have in hardcover. It was in 1986, when I was
7. Didn't you all want to know? That was before Lives of Christopher Chant
came out. Dude.

Favorite authors (besides DWJ): Oh, heck. I'm bad at this. I tend to have
favorite books instead of favorite authors, when we're excluding DWJ,
because most of my favorite books are one-shots. (The Perilous Gard,
Playing Beatie Bow, A Murder for Her Majesty, for example.) I guess I'll
say Katherine Kurtz and Patricia C. Wrede, and Robin McKinley for her
early books.

Number of books owned: no clue. Our family? Probably several
thousand. Mostly in boxes in closets/along the hallway. Me in my
room? Um. A couple hundred, I guess.

Favorite musician/group: October Project. The best lyrics and lead singer
I've ever heard. Too bad Sony completely didn't promote their second album
so they broke up. Sniff.

Non-reading hobbies: singing. folk dancing. drawing various pen-and-ink
line drawings, most recently Celtic knots. spending too much time on the
computer. :^)

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