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Wed Jun 5 18:00:22 EDT 2002

i'll bite.

name: christian nutt

occupation: freelance writer for video games and anime (japanese animation) 
publications. looking for something more permanent at the moment.

age: 24 (for a little over two weeks, then i turn 25. eep!)

i live in northern california, about 40 minutes outside san francisco (on a 
good traffic day). i don't especially like it, because i don't do the sorts 
of things that people around here seem to do for fun. i'm from new jersey, 
where there's nothing fun to do, so i grew up sitting in my room and hanging 
out with my friends, which is still my preferred method of enjoying myself. 
i'm hoping to move to LA in the near future.

i joined the list (after a couple of false starts) because i love DWJ.

my favorite DWJ novels are the really convoluted ones. hexwood, deep secret, 
and archer's goon rank very high. i recently developed a new appreciation 
for the ogre downstairs (which i had never previously liked much) when i 
read it twice in a week to figure out the differences between the 1996 UK 
edition and the new US edition, which the curious can learn about in the ML 

i own every book but changeover, yes, dear, wild robert, and wilkin's 
tooth/witch's business. the latter two are in print in the UK, so it's just 
a matter of time till i have those.

first DWJ was the lives of christopher chant when i was about 12. i never 
really stopped, although i had a few hiccups in interest during my teenage 

favorite authors (besides DWJ): haruki murakami, neil gaiman, banana 
yoshimoto. i don't read nearly as much as i ought, though. neil gaiman is 
almost a favorite by default.

reading right now: i just read the first four volumes of an excellent manga 
(japanese comic) series called eagle by kaiji kawaguchi that's a 
fictionalized take on the 2000 US presidential election with a 
japanese-american senator as a candidate. it's really fascinating and 
well-written, and shows an unexpectedly high level of understanding of the 
US political system for a foreign author. now i'm finishing up katsuhiro 
otomo's akira for the second time. thanks to a new roommate who buys way too 
many comics i can read these for free.

other hobbies: video games, japanese animation, films, music.

playing: silent bomber (playstation) -- an underrated gem of an action game. 
tokimeki memorial 3 (PS2) -- a rather silly but charming dating simulation 
(yes, dating simulation.)

listening to: mary timony's the golden dove, an album of great fantasy rock 
melodies that i think people on this ML should check out. bump of chicken's 
jupiter, a great, sincere rock album from a young japanese band.


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