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> But I'm otherwise happy
> to see the kind of setting the designers come up
> with.  (In the case of the
> Harry Potter movie, the Gryffindor common room looks
> exactly the way I
> imagined.  Lucky me.)
I thought that the look of the HP movie captured how I
imagined scenes from the book very well, and just hope
that it leads to more authors having such control over
their works' films (esp. Pullman). I agree with those
who thought Princess Bride was a good adaptation too.

> I adored "Fellowship of the Ring."  Seriously.  I
> had no complaints about
> it. ..  But I have an acquaintance who did his
> master's thesis on LotR and
> was really disappointed, because he had a very
> different image of what the
> book was all about.  (To him, it was very
> philosophical and religious.  I
> think.) 

To me the religious and philosophical aspects of LOTR
are in movie. To me they are not what the book is
"about", rather they are what JRRT himself is "about"
and they just inevitably are there in the book if you
look for them, I don't know if Jackson deliberatly has
kept the religious aspects of the book in the movie
(will have to wait two more years for that), but
LOTR_FOTR certainly hasn't excluded them.

Jon Noble

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