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Wed Jun 5 17:29:05 EDT 2002

There's another list I'm on that used to have brief yearly introductions, to
get to know each other and new members.  I think it's a good idea, so I'm
going to start.  Don't worry about copying my format if you don't like it,
because I'm not sure what I'm going to say anyway.  (And I know we already
went through the "favorite DWJ novel" thing so you can ignore that too)

Name: Melissa Proffitt

Occupation: Professional busybody, nag, mother, homeschooler, and occasional
writer.  Also I read a lot.

Age: 30 (waaaah! I'm OLD!)

Married: yes

Children: four, but in the interests of privacy that's all I'm gonna say

I live in: Utah.  Unfortunately.

How I discovered the list:  A long time ago, I stumbled on the Chrestomanci
Castle web site.  This was before there was a list.  I sent a message to
Deborah telling her how much I liked it and we had a short chat via email.
A while later, she sent me another message telling me that she was starting
this list and did I want to join?  So I did.  Apart from a brief period
where I was unsubscribed, I've been a member ever since.

Favorite DWJ novel: Don't make me choose.  Archer's Goon, Hexwood, Fire and
Hemlock, Drowned Ammet, Spellcoats, Time of the Ghost, Lives of Christopher
Chant.  All the other ones are on my "I like them but they're not as
favorite" list.

First DWJ novel: I *think* it was _Power of Three_.  I distinctly remember
the Brenda-giantess-radio scene because it wasn't until MUCH later that I
figured out who the "giants" were.  And then I didn't read another of her
books for years and years.

Favorite authors: DWJ, Terry Pratchett, Connie Willis, Lois McMaster Bujold,
Steven Brust, Patricia McKillip (yes, still), early Robin McKinley, Dorothy
Sayers, Arthur Ransome, Rumer Godden, Janet Evanovich, and Sara Paretsky

Number of books owned: about 1400.  This is a very small number to book
collectors and a very large number to everyone else.

Melissa Proffitt
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