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christian nutt ferricide at
Wed Jun 5 16:04:15 EDT 2002

>From: "christian nutt"
>unless you mean to say "films of books can't be as good as the books 
>based on" i think i'll have to differ with you on that point.

and replying to myself just a few minutes later might be a sign of some sort 
of mental disease, but after reading jacob's post i have more to add.

i don't even agree with that statement i made up there for the record. it's 
just one that's a lot easier to let slide. i was just trying to see if i 
could clarify the original statement.

i can think of at least one film version of a novel that i think is much 
better than the book it's based on (fight club.) that's not really the kind 
of book that people on this list seem to read, but it's a great example for 
this sort of discussion.

i'll agree with jacob conceptually, although i can't really agree 
specficially because i've never read LotR. (this is the sort of thing that 
will get me in trouble on MLs!)

anyway, as mentioned before, film and books are very different mediums. i 
tend to watch a lot more films (and TV series) than i read books, though 
that's more because my local library is awful than dislike of the medium. i 
also don't read much fantasy outside of DWJ anymore, because i got burned 
with lots of bad ones in my youth (though if i ever move somewhere with a 
good library, i may pick the genre up again -- with a library, you don't 
have to worry about getting burnt.)


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