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Emma Comerford s369161 at
Tue Jun 4 18:51:38 EDT 2002

As I'm now over the worst of my exam/assignment run, I finally sat down and
started another list of books - complied from many messages - to search for
at the library. 
And I finally thought of an author who hasn't been recommended (I think) -
Isobelle Carmody, who has writes young adult fantasy. I find it hard to be
objective about her books as I read many of them when my taste in books was
being formed (and so I tend to think of her, for example, as the original
post-holocaust fantasy author - just as I tend to associate DWJ as the
creator of the multiple worlds idea).  However, I do enjoy her books,
although the first series she started - the Obernewtyn Chronicles - has not
been finshed after many years (I think Obernewtyn was published in the late
1980s, and the fourth book was published 1999), which is irritating,
especially as she has also started another unfinshed series in the 90s as
After all of that extraneous information, I'll leave you all with the rec!

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