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Tue Jun 4 14:22:18 EDT 2002

---Original Message From: christian nutt
> on the bright side, tom stoppard is brilliant. i doubt he'd
> "disneyfy"
> anything. of course, i doubt the books could come to the
> screen anything
> like intact, but what does come to the screen could be quite
> good in its own
> right (which is a similar expectation to what i have for the
> studio ghibli
> version of howl's moving castle.)

I *like* Tom Stoppard.  He's a bit dark and *very* sarky.  I too doubt
he'd Disneyfy anything.  My concern is that he manage to treat the light
stuff with some respect as well.  My hope is that he's one of those rare
artists who can handle the dark and light with equal deftness.  People
like Sam Raimi (directed the latest Spider Man movie, though I've been a
huge fan of his since I saw "Army of Darkness") and, well, Dianna Wynne
Jones.  It'd be nice to discover another who can work equally well with
dark and light material--even (especially?) in the same work.

Jacob Proffitt

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