The horror! The horror!

christian nutt ferricide at
Tue Jun 4 08:52:56 EDT 2002

>From: "Ania"
>They're thinking of filming His Dark Materials! Cue cute Disneyfied 
>grossly simplified storyline...

cheer up. after he skewered narnia, maybe everyone hates him. personally 
i've no opinion on the matter since i've neither read all of the narnia 
books nor read any in at least the past 10 years -- since i was a kid, in 

on the bright side, tom stoppard is brilliant. i doubt he'd "disneyfy" 
anything. of course, i doubt the books could come to the screen anything 
like intact, but what does come to the screen could be quite good in its own 
right (which is a similar expectation to what i have for the studio ghibli 
version of howl's moving castle.)


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