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> This really is a good TV idea Melissa! the
> efforts of Them to get back control of the
> worlds, and the various Demons making trouble
> would supply a good many plots and cause Jamie
> and "the crew" to be continually reunited.
> Constam and the gorgeous redheaded sister would
> provide the adult love interest and Jamie and
> Helen the impossible romance (with some sort of
> happy resolution dangled just out of sight) and
> Adam and Joris could be sidekicks/comic relief.

Pity none of us are tv executives (at least as far as I know!) Perhaps we
should set up a lobby for DWJ TV serieses. HB could be made into a TV movie
potentially leading into the above series.

>But the first hundred years will be the hardest, as he sees Helen and the
>rest grow older, while he stays, apparently, the same. And the loneliness
>well tempt him to linger in a world, sometimes.

This is beginning to sound a bit like Doctor Who. [Warning: Caleb's regular
Doctor Who ramble approaching] The Doctor was recently stranded on Earth for
100 years (and six books) devoid of his memories. He awoke in the late 19th
century, with only a note to "The Doctor" telling him to meet Fitz at a
certain restaurant in London in the year 2001, giving any clues to himself.
For the first three books at least, he was an enigmatic figure, walking in
and trying to solve both the problems of story and the question of his
identity as he realized his alieness as he barely aged a day while everyone
else grew old around him... Only unlike Jamie, he is trapped on a world that
isn't his own and is desperate to escape.

Caleb W.

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